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Murray Edwards College
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Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

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Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (AMES) explores contemporary global cultures through the in-depth study of language, culture and history. The areas you can study stretch from Japan in the East to Morocco in the West, and from classical times to the present day.  More information about the course, including details of the year abroad, can be found on the University website

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Murray Edwards College

At Murray Edwards, we aim to admit one or two students a year for AMES and so there are typically between three and six undergraduate students in the College at any one time (with another one or two on the year abroad).  You will thus be part of a small but tightly-knit cohort within the College. 

Typical offer
A Level: A*AA 
IB: 42, 776 

Required subjects
A Level: A Level in the European language (if combining with a European language)
IB: IB Higher Level in the European language (if combining with a European language)

Admissions Assessment
All AMES applicants wishing to study a European language are required to take the relevant MML admissions assessment if shortlisted for interview.  You will not need to register in advance for this assessment and the College will provide details directly to you.

Written work
Applicants are not asked to submit examples of written work. You may be asked to do some reading in advance of your interview, but if this is required you will be provided with full details in the letter inviting you to interview.

Academic and teaching staff