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Murray Edwards College
University of Cambridge

Why Murray Edwards?

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Photo of graduate accomodation in Canning and Eliza Folk House
Graduate accommodation at Canning and Eliza Folk House

Why choose Murray Edwards College?

1. We put women first

We prioritise opportunities for women. This includes contributing to the advancement of women within their studies and in their professional careers. Our Postgraduate Gateway Programme is uniquely designed for postgraduate students at Murray Edwards College to build on their existing academic, interpersonal and professional skills and to help them to access professional advice, alumni and career networks.

2. We are home away from home

The College is bright and welcoming and provides comfortable study bedrooms, a stunning domed dining area with excellent food, colourful gardens and diverse and enthusiastic community of students and teaching Fellows. It is within walking distance of academic departments, other colleges, the University Library and the City centre.

Murray Edwards College provides what we believe a College should: a home away from home, a social community of diverse graduate students across fields, and a network of Fellows and alumnae interested in assisting us in achieving our best in all aspects of life. 

Charlotte Swanson, MCR President, 2015-2016

3. We are supportive 

A team of highly experienced tutors is available to welcome and support students throughout their postgraduate studies. They are led by the Executive Postgraduate Tutor, Dr Alex Piotrowski. 

4. We offer financial help

We are very aware of the problems that postgraduates face in funding their studies. Currently bursaries available to applicants include:

  • The Stephan Körner Graduate Scholarship
  • The Cambridge Trust- Murray Edwards International Award
  • The Vice-Chancellor-Murray Edwards UK Awards
  • The Newton Trust - Rosemary Murray MPhil awards
  • Murray Edwards Santander Graduate Awards

5. We are an active and vibrant community​

  • We are home to more than 180 postgraduate students from over 40 different countries.
  • We are actively involved in promoting women’s issues and other topics through annual talks, conferences and the postgraduate symposium.
  • We have a significant collection of contemporary women's art displayed throughout the College.
  • Our team of gardeners grow herbs, vegetables and flowers for students to pick and enjoy from our informal gardens.