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Area Links Scheme

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    The University of Cambridge Area Links Scheme enables the Cambridge Colleges to build strong and effective relationships with schools and colleges throughout the UK. 

    Through the Area Links Scheme, Murray Edwards College primarily focuses outreach activities on schools/colleges and local authorities in the following areas:

    • Derbyshire
    • Haringey
    • Greater Manchester

    Murray Edwards College only accepts applications from students who identify as female, but we work with co-educational schools/colleges in our link areas as well as single-sex schools/colleges.

    All Cambridge Colleges want to provide advice and guidance, and to listen to your perspectives on what we can do to help make Cambridge as accessible as possible to all students with the academic ability and potential to study here.

    The Area Links Scheme does not mean that you cannot contact or be contacted by a College other than your link College. There is also no expectation or obligation for students to apply to their Area Link College. Murray Edwards College is a diverse and inclusive community; we welcome applications from students from any geographical area, and from any educational or social background. Please note that participation in the Area Links Scheme does not influence whether a College invites an applicant for interview or offers them a place.

    If your school/college is not based in one of our link areas but you would like to arrange a visit to the University of Cambridge, please visit the University’s Area Links Scheme page where you can find details of the Cambridge College that you are linked with.