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CamCORS Supervisor Guide

Supervision payment details ET24:

As usual, any payments for supervision hours to Fellows on college payroll, will be made as part of the June payroll run. In order to make the June payroll, please be aware that College Fellows who are supervisors need to submit their CamCORS supervision reports by 12noon on Wednesday 12th June at the latest. Directors of Studies will need to authorise payment on these supervision reports by 12 noon on Friday 14th June.

It will not be possible to include any supervision reports submitted after 12th or authorised after the 14th June in the June payroll; these would have to wait until the September Run.

 External supervisors need to submit their CamCORS supervision reports by 12 noon on Wednesday 19th June at the latest. Directors of Studies are also asked to ensure that they authorise payment on all supervision reports submitted by external supervisors by 12 noon on Friday 21st June. These should include claims for previously agreed Non-Supervision Activities, both Per-Student and General. Please take care to check that supervision group size, number of hours supervised, and payment methods are all accurate.

We recognise that some supervisions may be scheduled for the final week of term. If this applies to you, please remember that you can create reports and use the ‘to come’ box on CamCORS to record these. Ideally these reports will then be available for our Directors of Studies to refer to at their end of term meetings with the students

After the deadlines for DoS approval have passed, the Senior Tutor will go through any outstanding supervision reports, and will authorise payment where appropriate, but he will notify relevant Directors of Studies when this is done.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Tutorial Office or Finance Team.