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    University and College IT services

    How to contact the College IT support 

    Access the IT Service Desk.

    The Service Desk website provides a series of help topics on various IT issues.  Alternatively you can use the Service Desk website to open a new ticket and report a problem or book an individual appointment with IT staff. 

    The IT Service Desk is located in the IT Resource Centre (ITRC) at the basement entrance of the library.  Appointments are generally available from 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday (closed for lunch between 12:30 and 13:30). Please open a new ticket to make an appointment, as we may be out on user support elsewhere in the College.

    Getting connected in College

    We provide wireless internet access in all areas of the main College site. We recommend that all College members use Eduroam to connect to the internet. Information on how to configure your device to use Eduroam may be found on the UIS help pages.

    University Managed Desktop (UMD) 

    Three shared UMD machines are available in the ITRC which are available on a first come, first served basis. There is also a UMD machine on the ground floor in the library. If you need to book one for accessibility reasons please contact

    Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

    Printing is arranged differently for staff, students and fellows, check the Service Desk site if you are unsure. 

    Student printing, photocopying and scanning is available in the ITRC through the Mur_FindMe printer/copier.  In order to print you will need to download Print Deploy to your laptop or computer. Please see this page for instructions on how to download the Print Deploy software. Print jobs need to be sent to either MUR_FindMe or MUR_ITRC_BW printer. Printing costs will be added to your college bill.

    Scanning is available via the MUR FindMe printer in the ITRC.  Alternatively, the Microsoft Lens app can be freely downloaded onto both IOS and Android devices. Once downloaded you can take photos of your documents and export them as a PDF, send to email, etc. 

    Students are responsible for ensuring that surfaces and shared equipment are wiped down after use. Wipes are provided at various points in the ITRC.  If there are any problems, please see library staff or open a new ticket with the IT Service Desk.  You can find general information about printing services, including setup instructions on the UIS website.

    Passwords and **Security**

    University IT passwords can be managed here.

    Internet and IT security is increasingly important. While the IT department works to ensure robust systems, security increasingly relies on users' awareness to help avoid malicious traps set for them by hackers, which exploit user psychology. To help raise awareness of internet security, the UIS provides a short online training course accessible from the University Virtual Learning Environment. If you have any concerns about security, please contact the College IT Office or

    Free software available from the University

    Be aware that you can acquire Office ProPlus 365 for your personal devices and also anti-virus software.

    Other useful information

    Find information on the University's IT services generally.

    Health and Safety

    Please continue to use the following guidance to mitigate the spread of infection:

    • Please use the sanitisation stations on entry and exit and wash your hands regularly whilst in the ITRC.
    • Wipe down surfaces and equipment after use.

    Please remember that the windows need to remain permanently open to provide adequate ventilation, as per the University Ventilation Risk Assessment. Therefore, please wear warm clothing and bring a blanket, especially overnight as it may be cold.