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Murray Edwards College
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College gym

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Photo of equipment at the Murray Edwards College gym
Sports equipment in the Murray Edwards College gym

The College gym is available for use every day from 06:00 to 23:00.

Gym membership fees are £18 per term or £52.00 a year.

The gym is an unsupervised facility made available by the College for the use of students, Fellows, staff and alumnae. The gym is self-funded by its membership fees and the equipment is serviced, maintained, repaired or replaced from these fees.

Term time membership runs from the start of University term to the day before the start of the following University term and annual memberships will start on the day your card is activated.

The gym is cleaned on Mondays and Thursday between 13:30 and 14.30 by the College House Porters, who are predominately male.

As it is an unsupervised facility an induction must be completed before your access card is activated.

Gym inductions

Inductions are scheduled at the beginning of each term and you are only required to complete one induction even if your membership lapses for a term or two. There is a one off charge of £12 for inductions; this is for cost recovery only.

Inductions are carried out by Harry Veysey of Cam Sport Performance. Harry has over 10 years’ experience in delivering high quality strength and conditioning, exercise technique coaching and exercise programming. He has an in MSc Sports Performance, a BSc in Sports Studies and is a UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach. He also works with a number of the college sports teams and is open to enquiries from individuals or any of the teams here at Murray Edwards College who might be interested in working with him.

Throughout October we will be providing induction sessions that you will be able to book on to and attend. These sessions will include basic Health and Safety advice, a blood pressure test, and instruction on the safe use of the machine and will also include some exercise. We will add additional sessions should demand be sufficient.

How to book an induction session

Inductions can be booked online.

  • Navigate to the date that suits you - the dates inductions are available are highlighted in the month view.
  • Choose your preferred session by clicking on the appropriate induction time.
  • The number of available spaces will be shown. There is a maximum of 6 people per induction.
  • Click "sign-in" and follow the instructions to register your name/e-mail and reserve your appointment.

You will receive an email reminder 24 hours before your induction.

About the induction

  • Please download and complete a Gym Application Form and bring with you.
  • Wear exercise clothing and indoor trainers, you will be exercising.
  • Please try not to be late as once the session has started you will be refused entry and will be asked to book (and pay) for another induction.