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Student wellbeing

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    For many students, being at university is the first time they’ve lived independently. This can be exciting but it can also be unsettling, especially if things don’t quite go to plan. 

    One of the main challenges can be knowing where to go for help or who to ask for support. A student’s Tutor is usually their first port of call should a problem arise but there are also many other sources of support available – both in College and across the University:

    College Nurse

    We have our own College Nurse who is available to discuss, in confidence, any issues related to physical and mental health.

    College Counsellor

    All students can refer themselves to the University Counselling Service but some students prefer to see the College’s Counsellor.

    Students with disabilities

    Much of the College is accessible to people who use wheelchairs and we have undergraduate and postgraduate accommodation suitable for wheelchair users.

    The University’s Disability Resource Centre (DRC) provides support and advice to all students. Their advisors can discuss issues relating to any disability and can offer advice on needs assessment, academic support and funding.

    The Students’ Advice Service

    The Students’ Advice Service provides an enormous range of advice and support, including information on help and support groups and websites for a variety of issues.

    Wellbeing activities

    The College library offers a host of wellbeing events and activities during Term, including craft sessions, wellbeing walks and yoga classes. 

    The library also has a wide range of books on wellbeing, including texts on studying, insomnia, healthy eating, mindfulness and particular mental health issues.

    Porters’ Lodge

    The Porters’ Lodge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be contacted at any time of the day or night in an emergency. Our lovely team of Porters are also very happy to have a chat with students!