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Medical Society dinner
Murray Edwards Medical Society dinner

Murray Edwards has a number of subject societies and we are keen to encourage students (both undergraduate and graduate) to take up opportunities for academic engagement within College as well as participating in University-wide societies. 

Any students interested in setting up a subject society of their own should speak to their Director of Studies and the Senior Tutor.

Engineering Society

This group exists so that all engineers across all of the years in College can get together (often involving food and/or drinks) to have the chance to discuss the course, engineering in general or in fact most things!

It is a great opportunity to be able to talk to like-minded students and get or give any support if needed.

The Bell Burnell Society (Science)

The Murray Edwards College Bell Burnell Society is named in honour of our alumna and Honorary Fellow, Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell. As a postgraduate student, Bell Burnell discovered the first radio pulsars, which is one of the most significant astrophysics discoveries to date. 

Membership of the society is open to all Murray Edwards College students interested in science. We invite a speaker each term, and aim to cover a wide range of STEM related fields. We also run socials throughout the year - usually at the start and end of each term, such as quizzes and movies nights. We aim to promote science, and connect students who share similar interests. 

Gabe SocietyGabe Society (Modern and Medieval Languages)

The Gabe Society comprises MML undergraduates, graduates and Fellows. Its purpose is to hold regular meetings at least once a term, at which a fourth-year undergraduate gives a 20-minute paper on a subject of academic interest to them, followed by questions. The aim is to provide a focus for academic exploration and inquiry at undergraduate level, and bring a spirit of dynamic innovation to the group.

Talks are followed by drinks and dinner. Meetings are well attended and have proven to be a good opportunity for our students to meet and chat informally and to get to know students in other years.

Contact any of the MML Fellows for more information.  

History Society

The History Society is for all Murray Edwards Historians. We host two speakers per term; this year the topics have ranged from 20th Century masculinity to fashion in Early Modern Europe to the role of animals in 18th-19th Century political thought. We also hold an assortment of social events throughout the year, a particular highlight being a picnic during May Week.

Law Network

The Law Network began in 2012 with first members Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC (commercial disputes, energy and construction barrister) and Hazel Wright (NH 1975), family solicitor and mediator. It is for all those who study or studied law at New Hall or Murray Edwards, who teach law, or who work in the law or want to do so.

We meet for both networking events (such as dinner at the National Portrait Gallery in London), and to listen to speakers (Ann Olivarius spoke in June 2015 on her eminent career in fighting sex and race discrimination). We aim to meet at least twice a year, and less formally we mentor and help younger women thinking about legal careers. As a subgroup of the New Hall Society for alumnae, we work with the college in the interests of lawyers. 

For further information and to get involved, please email Hazel Wright on

Maths Circle 

The College Maths Circle encourages mathematicians from all years to meet up on a Sunday evening to socialise and solve problems collaboratively. Run by the Director of Studies, it also gives students the opportunity to present on a topic within Mathematics that is of interest to them. 

Medical Society photoMurray Edwards Medical Society

Murray Edwards Medical Society is a supportive community which looks after the welfare of Murray Edwards medical students. We run lots of fun events, including our annual dinner for all Murray Edwards medical students and Fellows. A guest speaker is invited every year to gives us a talk after the dinner, we have had some excellent talks from very successful doctors and researchers at this event. We also organise lots of fun social events with medical societies of other colleges and events to help students from different years get to know each other better. We collaborate our academic resources and encourage older students to pass on advice to those in the year below. 

Follow us on Instagram - @medmedsoc

Murray Edwards Social Sciences Society dinner (MESSS)Murray Edwards Social Sciences Society (MESSS)

Murray Edwards Social Sciences Society (or MESSS to its fans) is for social science students, but also anyone else in College who has an interest in matters to do with human beings and society. We aim to host interesting talks in College each term and invite external guests and College members to come and discuss their work. All are welcome to attend these events, which are advertised through the College website and physical bulletin boards.

As students of the social sciences in PPS and HSPS we find that discussion is a great way to improve learning. MESSS aims to create a forum for sharing. If you’re finding that 1 hour of supervision isn’t quite enough to develop your own thoughts, MESSS is happy to organise inter-year informal discussions.

Our Facebook group is another great way to contact the growing numbers of HSPS students and we encourage anyone to post with any questions or problems.

Veterinary Society 

The Veterinary Society has members from all six years of Veterinary Medicine students at Murray Edwards. Members meet regularly for "vetty tea". This is a chance for members to catch up with each other and for older students to help those newer to the course. The Veterinary Society also organises formal dinners and May Week picnics. More information is available on our website