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Q&A: Human, Social and Political Sciences

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    Dr Evaleila Pesaran 

    I am a Fellow in Politics and International Relations, and a Director of Studies for HSPS and History and Politics. I oversee the academic development of students in these two subjects, and I teach a number of papers across both programmes, including the first year papers that introduce students to both Politics and International Relations. 

    I am also an undergraduate Tutor, providing welfare and pastoral support to students from a range of subjects.

    In terms of my research, I am interested in exploring the impacts of Western economic involvement and intervention in the Middle East, whether that be with reference to historical oil concessions or present-day economic sanctions.

    What's special about HSPS at Cambridge at Cambridge?

    What's great about HSPS is the diversity of topics students get the chance to cover. It is a truly multidisciplinary course, covering Politics, International Relations, Sociology and Social Anthropology, and all of it is taught 'from scratch', with no expectation at all of specific prior knowledge. This makes it really fun, as everyone is on a journey of discovery, encountering new material and new ideas together.

    How does Murray Edwards College support its HSPS students? 

    Murray Edwards has one of the largest cohorts of HSPS students of any Cambridge College. We tend to have up to 10 students in each year group, and this means we can develop a real sense of community. Students can work together and discuss the topics they are studying as they walk to lectures and while they are eating meals together. We also have a reading group that meets regularly to discuss interesting social science readings from outside the syllabus, to which History and Politics students are invited, and we enjoy organising a range of social events as well.

    What do you enjoy most about working at Murray Edwards College? 

    I love teaching our wonderful, curious, and thoughtful students in a welcoming, inclusive and forward-thinking environment.