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Q&A: Engineering

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Dr Oliver Hadeler 

I am Director of Studies in Engineering. I am originally a physicist and have worked at the interface between physics and engineering throughout my academic career, including particle physics detectors, lasers and liquid crystals. My current research interest is sensing, which combines an understanding of physical principles with building practical devices. I particularly enjoy working with open-source hardware, like the Raspberry Pi.

What's special about Engineering at Cambridge? 

Studying Engineering at Cambridge is different from many other universities: for the first two years you study a wide range of Engineering subjects, including mechanics, structures, materials, thermo and fluid dynamics, electrical engineering, information technology and mathematics. This breadth provides an excellent base for your specialised studies in years three and four. Even if you cannot remember all the details later, you will have gained a broad understanding across all engineering disciplines. During the first two years you might get interested in an engineering topic that you didn't know before.

How does Murray Edwards College support its Engineering students? 

At Murray Edwards we provide a space where Engineering students are encouraged to develop their skills and passion for the subject. Your learning will be supported by the Engineering Fellows but also by your peers.
What do you enjoy most about working at Murray Edwards College? 

Murray Edwards College is a dynamic and friendly place, offering lots of opportunities to share ideas.