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Murray Edwards College
University of Cambridge

Why choose Murray Edwards College?

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    Murray Edwards Graduates
    Murray Edwards College graduates

    Murray Edwards is a College for people like you – bright women from a variety of backgrounds who want to work hard to achieve their potential while making the most of the amazing opportunities offered at Cambridge.

    We will support and inspire you

    From our award-winning gardens, modern Grade II listed buildings and internationally recognised art collection by women (The Women's Art Collection) to our committed and knowledgeable members of staff, academic supervisors and current students, the environment in College is designed to support and encourage you as well as challenge you intellectually.

    We are a diverse community

    We embrace the best Cambridge traditions while dissolving preconceptions about what being a student at the University will be like.  Our students come from a broad range of backgrounds, both in the UK and internationally.  If you are thinking of applying, but have questions and/or consider yourself to be from a non-traditional background, we would strongly encourage you to participate in one of our events or to get in touch.

    We take your welfare seriously

    • Our gardens are there for you to enjoy, which means you can walk on the grass, pick the flowers and herbs, and even grow your own vegetables in our student allotments.
    • We hold regular events to give you a break from your studies.
    • All our students live in College (or very close by), helping to foster a strong sense of community.
    • The food served in 'The Dome' (our cafeteria), especially our Saturday brunch, is rightfully famous throughout Cambridge.

    We are dedicated to helping you excel

    Our Gateway Programme, which is unique to the College, supports personal, academic and professional development. It does this through workshops and career placements as well as funding student travel and volunteer activities during the holidays.

    We put women first and we will put you first

    We are determined to promote women's voices but that does not mean we shut ourselves away. Our students are visible and active in all parts of University life, and fully immerse themselves into the world-class, co-educational learning environment that Cambridge has to offer. If you study at Murray Edwards, you will get to benefit from this environment too, confident in the knowledge we will give you the support you need.