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Murray Edwards College
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Ordinance of the New Hall Society

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    The New Hall Society


    The Alumnae Society of Murray Edwards College, founded as New Hall, in the University of Cambridge




    Schedule: Rules of the New Hall Society

    1.    Objects

    1. To provide an organisation which may keep its members all over the world in touch with the College and with one another.
    2. In particular, to organise annual reunion meetings and social and academic gatherings as appropriate, and to publish an annual Review giving news of the members of the New Hall Society and of alumnae events
    3. To co-ordinate, if need be, united action on the part of its members in matters connected with the welfare of the College.
    4. To help further the ideals of the College in all suitable ways.

    2.    Members

    1. All matriculated members, on ceasing to be resident members of the College, shall be regarded as members of the Society. Fellows of Murray Edwards College, on ceasing to hold a Fellowship, shall be members. Members of the Governing Body and College Officers shall be honorary members. Note: this includes Schoolteacher Commoner Fellows (Council Minute 84/164(h) refers).
    2. Associate members may be elected at a general meeting.

    3.    Management of the Society

    1. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Committee  ("the Committee") consisting of four officers, namely the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Fellow Representative and the Development Director, and not more than twelve further members representing as far as possible all New Hall Society members.
      1. The Chair and Vice Chair shall be elected for periods of three years by the members at the AGM, for a maximum of three consecutive terms from the date of their first election to the office.
      2. The College shall, from time to time, appoint one of its Fellows to be the Fellow Representative with responsibility for liaison between the Society and the College.
      3. The Development Director shall provide professional advice on alumnae relations and have responsibility for the administration of the Society.
      4. Other members of the Development Office staff may attend the committee meetings as required but shall not have voting rights. One staff member shall take and circulate the minutes of the meetings.
    2.  The Development Office shall have responsibility for keeping a record of addresses and activities of members of the Society, delivering a programme of events, and supporting the preparation of the Review.
    3. The Committee shall meet at least twice a year, and on other occasions if summoned by any one of the four officers or by any three Committee members. The Committee shall have power to fill casual vacancies and to co-opt additional persons, including up to two more College Fellows, on to the Committee on an ad hoc basis.
    4. The Committee has power to deal with all matters of management of the Society. The Committee has editorial control over the New Hall Society Review and may appoint a Review Editor from the members of the Committee to manage this. The Committee may appoint an editorial sub-committee to assist the development team in preparing the Review, and may appoint additional sub-committees to arrange seminars, dinners or other gatherings, or do any such things as they think fit. The quorum for all meetings of the Committee shall, unless otherwise agreed, be one officer and four members.
    5. An Annual General Meeting ("the AGM") of the Society shall be held at the College each year. The business to be transacted at the AGM shall be the receipt of a report from the Committee, the discussion of any matters arising in relation to the Society and the holding of elections to the office of Chair and Vice Chair and to the Committee. The President of Murray Edwards College shall report on the activities of the College.
    6. Members of the Committee may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms, each of three years, and shall stand for re-election at the AGM after each three year period.
    7. Members of the Society may put themselves forward for election to the Committee by contacting the Chair. Nomination forms shall be included in the Review, sent to all members of the Society. Nominations shall be made before the start of the AGM and shall be endorsed by a proposer and seconder either before or at the AGM. Voting in the elections to the Committee shall be by a ballot of those members of the Society who are present at the AGM.
    8. Formal notice of the AGM shall be given in the Review each year.
    9. A Special General Meeting of the Society may at any time be called by the Committee, and shall be so called on a requisition signed by not less than ten members of the Society. Any notice or motion to be proposed at such a meeting must be given in writing to the Chair at least one calendar month beforehand.

    4      Privileges of Members of the New Hall Society

    1. Committee members of the Society are entitled to certain dining rights as may from time to time be decided by the Council of Murray Edwards College.

    4.2 Members of the Society are entitled to lunch or dine in Hall on any day during Full Term provided that at least one day's notice is given to the Conference Administrator. Meals will be charged at the current price to undergraduates, plus a small surcharge as a contribution towards the cost of overheads. Members of the Society are entitled to dine on High Table or attend a Formal Hall free of charge once a year.

    4.3 The members of the Society shall be entitled to such other amenities and on such conditions as may from time to time be decided by the Council of Murray Edwards College.

    1. Members of the Society may hire a room in College for a privately organised party or meeting, subject to minimum booking restrictions. Enquiry should be made to the Conference Administrator with good notice.
    2. Members of the Society may stay in College for one or more nights at the discretion of the Conference Administrator, to whom at least one week's notice must be given. The cost will be the current charge made for a guest room.
    3. During the Long Vacation it may be possible for members of the Society to have a room in College for a longer period to enable them to undertake study or research. Enquiry should be made to the Conference Administrator with good notice.

    5      Miscellaneous

    1. Costs to the College associated with the Society shall be paid from the revenues of the College as may be determined from time to time.
    2. Any proposed changes in these Rules shall be published on the College website in advance of the change being made, and must be approved  by a subsequent General Meeting of members of the Society, although they may come into force at an earlier date in accordance with the published information on the website.
    3. The addresses last given by members of the Society shall be deemed to be their proper addresses unless and until notice of change is given in writing to the Secretary.
    4. The accidental omission to give notice of any meeting to, or the non-receipt of notice of a meeting by, any member of the Society shall not invalidate any proceedings held at such meeting.