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    Working with the New Hall Society, the College runs a number of events for our alumnae community throughout the year. The majority of events take place in Cambridge, but some are held in London and across the globe.

    Our events are a great way for our alumnae to meet up with old friends and reacquaint with College life.


    Upcoming Events

    Fellows' Lectures: Young Linguists' Minds -Dora Alexopoulo

    19 May 2022, 18:30 - 19:30 BST, Online

    Our multilingual capacity is one of the defining features of human cognition and the basis of intercultural communication. Multilingualism is the norm around the world.

    Millions of young kids grow up in communities interacting with more than one languages daily, often using one language at home and neighbourhood and another one at school.

    Others migrate with their parents to a new country and join school with only a few words in their new language become fluent speakers only a few months later.

    Yet others go to language schools in their home country to learn a foreign language to use later in life for travel, study or work. How are young kids able to master languages so fast, well and, apparently, so effortlessly?

    • Why does it look so much harder for their adult parents?
    • Is there a perfect age for children to start learning languages?
    • What happens when multilingual kids go to English schools?
    • How can we nurture multilingualism and love for languages in UK’s schools?

    Dora Alexopoulou is the Co-Founder of the Cambridge Bilingualism Network and Fellow in Linguistics


    Fellows' Lectures:  Luana Bulat

    22 June 2022, 18:30 - 19:30 BST, Online

    Details tbc


    Alumnae Weekend

    Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge and Online

    Alumnae Dinner will be held on Saturday 24 September

    Do you have any ideas for a future alumnae event or would like to organise your own? Please don't hesitate to contact us by calling 01223 762288 or emailing: