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Fundraising Activity in College for Other Charitable Causes

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    Policy on fundraising activity in College for other charitable causes

    Current Version Adopted by Council: January 2019

    Review Date: Lent Term 2022

    Committee Ownership: College Officers


    The charitable purpose of the College is to further learning, education and research as an independent institution in the University of Cambridge.


    Fundraising activity for other charitable causes which support these three areas and/or are in alignment with the strategic direction and ethos of the College will be approved on a case by case basis. The College will not make donations to charities or to any other body, where the purpose of such a donation lies outside the objects of the College.


    Staff, students and Fellows who wish to promote charitable causes should make a request for approval via senior officers, using the request form.  Applications should be made in good time before the activity is planned (at least three weeks and preferably four to six weeks).

    Collecting tins/boxes

    • Collecting tins/boxes may be placed at the Porters’ Lodge, subject to approval as above, and a limit of no more than one box at any time

    Promotional Materials

    • Promotional leaflets for appeals to students can be placed in the Bar or the JCR and MCR

    • Promotional leaflets for appeals to staff can be placed in the staff room

    • Promotional leaflets for appeals to Fellows can be placed in the SCR

    • Posters may be placed on approved poster boards only, and should be cleared with the Tutorial office in advance

    Events to raise money

    • The use of College rooms/facilities for events that raise money for charity will only exceptionally be approved. Requests should be made directly to a senior officer of the College.